• Rethinking the Value of Turkey in NATO and Hulusi Akar

    Rethinking the Value of Turkey in NATO and Hulusi Akar

    With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Turkey’s place in NATO has become even more critical in parallel with Europe’s comprehension of how vital NATO is. Turkey’s geostrategic location also reinforces its increasing importance. Therefore, in recent days, Turkey’s NATO allies and NATO leaders have been emphasizing the importance of Turkey more frequently. In particular, unlike recent… Continue reading

  • Can Erdogan return to Democracy?

    Can Erdogan return to Democracy?

    Putin’s defeat in the invasion of Ukraine is about to result in the collapse of the Russian pole in the multipolar world and the weakening of the EU pole in favor of the US. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was using the EU, and primarily Russia as a balance of power against the US, which he perceived… Continue reading

  • Can Turkey return to the West once again?

    Can Turkey return to the West once again?

    his paper will make the claim that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will force Turkey to return its face to the West once again.  Based on reasons inherited from the history of Russia and have been adapted to the present-day, Putin began to invade the territory of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Turkey should be one of… Continue reading

  • The US and Turkey Relations: Return to Cold War

    The US and Turkey Relations: Return to Cold War

    With US President Joe Biden in the White House, Turkey and US relations deserve a new definition. Indeed, Recep T. Erdoğan made this new definition with a Turkish idiom: “The affairs look bleak.”  In Turkish, this idiom indicates that bad things are being prepared. Bleak affairs express a cold war in which bad things are happening in the background.… Continue reading

  • Erdoğan’ın oyun planı final safhasına mı geçti?

    Erdoğan’ın oyun planı final safhasına mı geçti?

    Ahval’de yazmaya başladığımda ilk makalem Erdoğan’ın oynadığı tehlikeli oyunu anlatan bir makaleydi. “Boğazdaki Son Kayser-i Rum” başlığını taşıyan makalede Erdoğan’ın selefleri olan müstebitler gibi din ve dini duyguları siyasi emelleri için istismar ettiğini ifade etmiştim. Dinin, devletin ve/veya iktidarın varoluşu ve hedefleri için araşsallaştırılmasına ek olarak, Erdoğan iktidarının gayrı meşru ve gayrı dini icraatlarına icazet… Continue reading

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