• Said Nursi’s Qritique of His Age

    Said Nursi’s Qritique of His Age

    ABSTRACT The life of Said Nursi is a life of struggle. He constantly criticized, Ottoman institutions, Muslim World, Europe and modern Turkey’s system and mentality. Nursi has first criticized the main pillars of political structure, including Landlords, Sheiks and Pashas in the Eastern provinces. After his arrival to the capital city of Istanbul, he met… Continue reading

  • Religion İn Turkish Modernization

    Religion İn Turkish Modernization

    ABSTRACT This study aims to reveal Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s religious thoughts and his approach to Islam, as well as the effect of his approach on the secularization process in Turkey. Secularization stands as the most significant feature of modernization in Turkey, which started during the Reform Era and continued at the time of the foundation… Continue reading

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Ali Agcakulu is an academic, author, and columnist. After he graduated from the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the Yildiz Technical University in 2016, he worked as a Postdoctoral research fellow at The Catholic University of America. He published two books; “The Brief History of Kurdish Nationalism” and “Said Nursi’s Political Theory or The Reform of Islamic Political Thought”. As a journalist, he was a columnist with Rota Haber and Ocak Medya news websites between 2015-2019. He also has many academic and semi-academic articles published in various magazines and newspapers. He is currently a columnist with the Ahval News website. His expertise is on the history and philosophy of Turkey’s relationships between religion and politics.

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